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Record in 4K high resolution with the SONY FDR-AX43A camcorder. - 4K Ultra HD recording (3840 x 2160) - Integrated SteadyShot optical stabilizer - Optical Zoom: x20 Compatible with PIXIO and PIX4TEAM robots thanks to the MULTI cable provided with the robots.

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Meet the first AIDA POV camera that is fully weatherproof. The IP67 protection offers resistance to dust, moisture and even immersion in water up to 1 meter depth for up to 30 minutes. These are ideal properties for all-weather sporting events, professional biology research and OB vans!

Full HD POV Kamera

AIDA 4K/60 HDMI 2.0 POV Camera

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The UHD-200 is our latest flagship product aimed at various broadcast industries. The camera is one of the first true 4K 60p POV cameras, designed with 4K applications in mind from action sports, proAV, broadcast platforms and more. The relatively small form factor allows for versatile viewing angles of hard-to-reach shots

Full HD POV Kamera

Aida 6G-SDI POV Camera

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The UHD6G-200 retains the familiar form factor and durable design of the original AIDA GEN3G cameras while offering expanded control sets and enhanced video performance. With an advanced 4K UHD progressive scan CMOS image sensor capable of 6G-SDI output for industrial and broadcast applications, the UHD6G-200 realizes 4K video images with wide dynamic range!

Full HD POV Kamera


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Don’t underestimate the HD-NDI-CUBE! The small form factor does not compromise the FULL-HD quality of our POV cameras. With the ability to output NDI|HX, SRT, RTSP and RTMP simultaneously, it’s no wonder the CUBE is a game-changer!

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The HD-NDI-IP67 is the NDI|HX camera for outdoor streaming. The IP67 rating keeps the camera dust and moisture free, with the ability to submerge the camera up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes. Enjoy NDI|HX with AIDA’s renowned form factor whether indoors or outdoors!

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Simple and Affordable Content Creation, Wherever You Are! As we know, the HD-100A is AIDA’s staple camera. So why not take that amazing recipe of simplicity, affordability, versatility and make it adventurous! The HD-100A-IP67 re-introduces our HD-100A in a hardened, weatherproof shell that protects it from dust, moisture, and the environment for your streaming adventures! The HD-100A-IP67 takes your streaming ideas outdoor with full on protection of the elements. So go on out and stream your passion outdoors with our world renowned solution!  

Full HD POV Kamera

Aida HD-NDI-IP67 kamera

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Making NDI|HX just as adventurous. Streaming shouldn’t have to be confined indoors when there’s a whole world out there to enjoy! Introducing the HD-NDI-IP67, being the first of its kind for POV NDI|HX streaming cameras. The Camera features a progressive CMOS sensor, capturing unwavering 1080 60p video over NDI|HX, SRT, or IP protocols. The IP67 rating keeps the camera internals safe, as well as a 10ft braided weatherproof breakout cable to keep the more sensitive cables out of harms way. That means peace of mind when handling the cameras outdoors!

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Livestreaming High Frame Rate Video Everywhere, Anytime! Introducing the HD-NDI3-IP67, a game-changing camera that propels the boundaries of in-studio streaming, capable of displaying mesmerizing 120fps at 1080p resolution through NDI HX. With high frame rate capturing, you gain the power to slow down live footage frame by frame, resulting in captivating slow-motion sequences that will elevate any live-stream, anytime.

Full HD POV Kamera

Aida PoE 20X Zoom POV Camera

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The ultimate POV NDI®HX one-man army The HD-NDI-X20 gets the best of both worlds in our POV and PTZ world; form factor and zoom. The camera features a stunning Full-HD 20x optical zoom module, outputting pin-sharp 1080 60p video over HDMI, NDI|HX and IP. That said, dim the lights, open the feed and zoom in on the action!.

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Bold, Adventurous, Versatile. The HD-NDI-VF is sorta like the big brother of the HD-NDI-IP67. They are both courageous, and adventurous where they go. However, sometimes older brothers know what’s best. The HD-NDI-VF showcases a beautifully crafted IP54 rated lens, which can adjust both the zoom, and focus. That way, you can get that perfect shot you need, regardless of the position.

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The PTZ-NDI-X12 is AIDA’s first camera to use NDI® | HX2 technology. The camera features Vizrt NDI® | HX2 to simplify production with seamless video transmission over virtually any existing network infrastructure. With integrated RS232 and VISCA over IP camera control, this camera is compatible with most IP-based controllers, simplifying existing workflows with better cable management.